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New York Houseboat

History of Houseboat’s :- Since early 19th century when Kashmir was a "princely state" and "no outsider could buy land in Kashmir" and/or "build a house" in the state, even today this law exists. During those early days the then ruler of Kashmir, "Maharaja Ranbir Singh" gave permission to Western Tourists especially British's who used to come to Kashmir for long holidays to build moveable property. These moveable properties were none other then the houseboats.

These Houseboats are completely made of cedar wood from Kashmir, which is the most durable wood and long lasting. Today Kashmir Houseboats have become a heritage of the valley, there might be other kind of houseboats in the world but Kashmir houseboats are the oldest and unique in the world. Every standard houseboat is composed two, three or four bedrooms always with attached bathrooms, a lounge, dining room, a pantry and provides a balcony in the front and a treesse on its top.


Today's these unique world's famous "Houseboats" have become an important factor in the tourism industry of the state. There evolving with the time is remarkable.

If you are visiting Kashmir then Staying in a houseboat become vital for your travel experience.

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